Book No.Book TitleAuthor
1Edukasyong Non Formal sa PilipinasFelicita G. Bernardino; Marcos S. Ramos
2Local Gorvernments in a New Setting Vol IIAntonio Orendain
4The Philippines Recommends for DIPTEROCARPS 1979 II, Veneer & PlywoodUnknown
5Agricultural Credit for Rural Progress: Concepts & ProceduresGregorio S. Licaros
6The Philippine Reccomends for CoffeePCARRD
7The Philippines Recommends for Mungo 1977
8Twenty-Six Years of Rice Research and DevelopmentFelicisimo B. Serrano
9The Philippine Economic JournalUnknown
10Local Governments in a New Setting Vol. IAntonio Orendain
11Local Governments in a New Setting Vol. IIAntonio Orendain
13Sylvatrop: The Philippine Forest Research JournalUnknown
14The Political & Constitutional Ideas of the Philippine RevolutionCesar A. Majul
15My Life's StoryFelixberto M. Serrano
17The Philippine Recommends for Citrus
18A Primer on AZOLA Production and Uitilization in AgricultureM. Manzoor Khan
19Duck Raising
20The Philippines Recpmmneds for Irrigation Water Management Vol. 2
21Concepts on Social DevelopmentAlice M. Orourke; Kazuko T. Kay; Mehelinda G. Sison
22Consequences of Small-Farm Mechanization
23Training Youths Out of School to Become Citizen Procedures
24Philippine Cases on Agricultural Research Management
25Agribusiness Corn System Philippine and Thailand G.M. Collado; J.D. Drilon, Jr.; GF. Saguiguit
26Economic Project EvaluationLeon A. Mears
27Bamboo Research in AsiaGilles Lessard and Amy Chouinard
28Organizing Farmers for Irrigation ManagementJeanne Frances I. Illo; Ma. Elena Chiong-Javier
29The Democratic Revolution in the PhilippinesFerdinand E. Marcos
30Sectoral Planning Guidelines for Education
31The Philippine Agrarian Reform Program (Cornology of Events January 1, 1966-June 30, 1981)
32Regional Development: Issues & Strategies on Urabnization & Urban Development
33LEUCAENA Research in the Asian-Pacific Region
34Primer on ABACA Production and Culture
35Research Highlight from the PCARR Network
36Philippine Farmer Organization Revised Edition Sept. 1976
37Inland Fisheries Project Philippine Technical Report No.8 First Half of FY 1976 NSDB Assisted Project No. 7103 A6
38Inland Fisheries Project Philippine Technical Report No.10 Second Half of FY 1976 NSDB Assisted Project No. 7103 A6
39Some Information on Selected Fruit/Vegetable Crops
40A Study of the Organization of Agricultural Cooperatives in a Rainfed Agricultural Development (Iloilo) Project Area
41Technical Consultation on Available Aquaculture Technology in the Philippines
42The Consequences of Small Rice Farm Mechanization in the Philippines
43A Benchmark Study Report
44Intercountry Seminaron Nutrition in Agriculture (Enchancing the Nutritional Impact of Agricultural & Rural Development Project)
45A Farm Management Survey of ABACA Farms in the Philippines
46The Distributional Impacts of Food Policies on Human Nutirtion in the Less-Developed Countries: The Case of the PhilippinesBasilia Mercado Regalado
47Bagong Brgy. Housing Project: An Experiment in Social HousingAmelia Custodio Ancog
48A Study on ABACA Substitutes

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