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·      Formulation of measures for the approval of Sanggunian and provide technical assistance and support to the Mayor in carrying out said measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provisions of adequate facilities relative to agricultural services as provided under Section 17 of the Local Government Code of 1991;

·         Development of plans and strategies and upon approval thereof by the Mayor, implements the same, particularly those which have to do with agricultural programs and projects which the Mayor is empowered to implement and which the Sanggunian is empowered to provide under the Local Government Code of 1991;

·         Ensuring that the maximum assistance and access to resources in the production, processing and marketing of agricultural and aqua-cultural and marine products are extended to farmers, fishermen and local entrepreneurs;

·         Assists the mayor in the establishment and extension services of demonstration farms or aqua-culture and marine products;

·         Coordination with the government agencies and government organizations which promote agricultural productivity through appropriate technology compatible with environment integrity

·         Be in the front line of the delivery of basic agricultural service, particularly those needed for the survival of the inhabitants during and in the aftermath of manmade and natural disasters and calamities.



Ensures the sustainability or increase in production of different agricultural and aqua/marine products in Tanauan City by empowering farmers and fishermen through technical assistance, training's and seminars and by providing agricultural inputs like fertilizers, planting materials, fishing nets, boats and fingerlings.



• Sustain or increase the production of different agricultural commodities by providing trainings and seminars, technical support and agricultural inputs (e.g. planting materials, fertilizers) to the farmers.

• Support the promotion of Organic Agriculture under RA 10068 by establishing demo farms and through trainings and seminars given to the farmers. 


• Sustain or increase the production of aqua/marine products through the distribution of inputs such as fishing nets, boat and fingerlings.

• Promote maximum utilization of fishery resources with the sustainable yield through the adoption of conservation measures and intensification of fishery law enforcement

• Conducts training's and seminars on ornamental fish production and marketing


• Provide technical assistance in organizing and strengthening farmer’s association and Rural Improvement Clubs (RICs). 

• Develop entrepreneurial skills for the different farmers’ association in establishing and managing livelihood projects to uplift the living standard of its members.

• Provide technical assistance in accessing credit to lending institutions. 

• Coordinates with farmers’ association with regards to the proper implementation of the different projects and programs of the Office of the City Agriculturist.





• Sustain or increase the development of agricultural and fisheries sector in Tanauan City by ensuring that technical and mechanical supports which are necessary in the upgrade of the current situation of farming are provided. 


• Provide free tractor services to the farmers of the city to facilitate land preparation for the different agricultural crops.



• Provide technical assistance in conducting soil test analysis such as pH level, soil profiling, nutrient content analysis and soil suitability test. 



• Demonstrate various agricultural techniques and educate farmers in the different technologies and organic farming through farm visits, demos, trainings and seminars. 


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