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The Office of the City Treasurer has five (5) divisions, and one (1) unit,  namely:

Collects payment for business tax, amusement tax, annual fixed tax for delivery vehicles, community tax certificates, fees and charges; issues AF 51;

Send notices to delinquent business taxpayers.

Prepares Statement of Accounts (SOA) of real property; collects payment for real property tax and issues AF 56;

Prepares checks and endorse the same for signature of competent authorities; prepares payroll for CGT personnel;

Prepares purchase request and Requisition and Issue slip; in-charge in the safekeeping, inventories and disposition of all supplies and forms of the Office specially during the conduct of national and local election;

Takes charge of all official records of the Office;

Consolidate and prepares all date for the preparation of Office’ accomplishment report to be submitted to all concerned local, regional and national offices;

Performs field work related to the calibration of gasoline stations, sealing of weighs and measures and examination of books of accounts;  assist in the preparation, sorting and distribution  of election paraphernalia during elections.



[Based on 1992 Local Government Code of 1991 (RA 7160)]

[Title 5, Article 2, Sec. 470]

[City Tax Ordinance 2011-1]

          The City Treasurer’s Office shall take charge of the treasury office, perform the duties provided for under Book II, Local Taxation and Fiscal Matters of RA 7160 and shall:

As provided for by the Local Treasury Operations Manual, The City Treasurer shall:



          To become the prime agent in the collection and maximization of revenues for the city and its constituents so as to efficiently and effectively manage and disburse funds for legitimate purposes.



          In order to attain our Vision,  the Office of the City Treasurer shall: