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Started as a division in 2003, under the Office of the Mayor and became a full pledged department in 2007. It has four divisions:

Ø  Arts and Culture Division

Ø  Administrative Division

Ø  Information and Public Affairs Division

Ø  Community Development Division (PESO)


Motto: Do Best To Serve Best



A highly committed office responsive to its clients, program partners and various stakeholders with great deal of professionalism, open to innovation and new ideas and adopting new technologies for better service delivery.



1. Build a meaningful partnership with clients; various organizations through full and honest consultations and mutual undertakings of development endeavour.

2. Engage in development communication to encourage participation and community involvement in city’s development projects.

3. Enable barangay constituents to actively involved in the affairs of the city through continuous and active coordination, trainings and assistance.

4. Provide efficient and competent service through honest and professional manner.

5. Nurture a culture of excellence by having committed, dedicated and skillful staff.

6. Provide the best service delivery the soonest time possible.