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Housing plays a vital role in the basic needs of human being in such a way that it provides shelter and protection to individuals in their daily living. And one of which is to provide for the necessary housing needs of the people is the belief of the city government. But to be able to do so, one must be aware of the conditions of the people in order to take action to any situation given. Based on the Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) of 2008, there are about 28, 562 households accounted for in the survey having an average household size of 5 persons per household. The table listed below shows the percentage of families living on what condition in terms of occupancy:


Graph ___: Tenure status

The graph shows that of the 28, 562 number of households, there are 20, 811 households or an equivalent of 72.86 % owns the house and lot they are living in.  This means that a high percentage of households are able to acquire a good living condition.  Households numbering to 2, 729 which constitute 9.56% of the total household belong to the ones that are renting their houses regardless whether it is a house, lot or both house and lot. There are also 4, 295 or 15.04% households whose relatives are living or working outside the country that they permit their house to be taken cared of by their relatives. There are 586 households or 2.05% who belong to those who dwell in a lot that do not have the consent of the owner, which can be considered as illegal squatting.

Graph ___: By Type of Construction Materials of outer walls

The graph shows that 21, 203 households or an equivalent of 74.23% of the total households use strong materials such as concrete, bricks, stone, wood and galvanized iron for the construction of their outer walls. Light materials consisting of bamboo, sawali, cogon and nipa are also being used by 3, 546 households or 12.42% of the total household. Mixed materials but predominantly strong materials were used by 2, 495 households while that of households who used mixed but predominantly light materials are 868 or an equivalent of 3.04%.

Graph ___: By type of construction materials of roof

The graph shown above also indicates that based on the Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) of 2008, Strong materials were also used by 21, 668 households or an equivalent percentage of 75.86%. This was followed by 3, 212 households who used light equipment for their roofing materials, Mixed but predominantly strong materials were used by 2, 380 that is equivalent to 8.33 % of the total household.

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