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As one of the basic services being given to the Tanaueños, the City Government takes pride in improving the quality of education from pre-school up to high school level. Proof of this is the increasing number of school buildings to accommodate the growing number of enrollees.

As of 2009 there are a total of 44 public elementary schools and 12 public secondary schools in Tanauan. In addition, there are a total of 35 private educational institutions operating within the city which offered either elementary or secondary education or both as listed in the table below.

A.Public Elementary Schools

1.Tanauan North District– 10 schools

  • Tanauan North
  • Laurel
  • Pagaspas  
  • Pantay
  • Pantay Bata                                
  • Sala
  • Sambat
  • Tapia
  • Trapiche
  • Ulango
  • TNCS – Brgys covered are Brgys 1,4,6

2. Tanauan South District – 9 schools

  • Tanauan Central                       
  • Bagumbayan
  • Bañadero                                      
  • Gonzales
  • Hidalgo                                        
  • Janopol Occidental  
  • Janopol Oriental                       
  • Natatas
  • Santor        
  • TSCS – Brgys covered are Brgys 2,3,5,7

3.Tanauan East District– 11 schools

  • Bernardo Lirio                              
  • Bagbag
  • Balele                                               
  • Banjo East
  • Banjo Laurel                                  
  • Boot
  • Dr. Alcantara                                
  • Maria Paz
  • Mahabang Buhangin    
  • Wawa             
  • Tinurik

4.Tanauan West District – 14 schools

Altura                                                Ambulong

Bilogbilog                                        Cale

Dayapan                                           Luyos

Malaking  Pulo                               Maugat

Montaña                                          Santol

San Jose                                           Sulpok

Suplang                                             Talaga

B. Public Secondary Schools

Twelve (12) Secondary Schools in Tanauan:

  1. Bernardo Lirio Memorial. Experimental Science High School
  2. Tinurik National High school
  3. Pantay National High School
  4. Natatas National High School
  5. Boot National High School
  6. Banjo Laurel National High School
  7. Luyos National High School
  8. Wawa National High School
  9. Tanauan School of Fisheries
  10. J. P. Laurel National High School
  11. Malaking Pulo National High school
  12. Tanauan City High School


  • Areas covered are within the vicinity.


List of Private schools inTanauan

AAT Mother Excelencia pres-school
Agatha’s Tutorial & Review Center
A World of Knowledge Learning Center
Buhay na Pag-asa Program Child Care Learning Center
Carolina Learning Center
Christian College of Tanauan
Christian School for Janopol, Inc.
CM Rodriguez Music Center
DMI School
DMMC Institute of Health Services
First Asia Institute of Technologies and Humanities (Faith)
His Care Learning Center
Infant Jesus Montessori Center, Inc.
Jesus is Lord
John Bosco Academy of Tanauan, Inc.
La Consolacion College
Lilyrose Educational Foundation
Mabini Junior College(Main)
Mabini High School (Mabini Junior College(Janopol
Mabini High School ( Mabini Junior College (Balele)
MGQ Career Development Center For.
Montessori East Tanauan, Inc.
Multiple Intelligence Learning Center
Our Lady of Peace Montessori de Tanauan
Our Lady of Assumption
Penleigh Early Childhood Learning Center
Peoples Center of Science & technology
Queen of All Saints
Sta. Cecilia Learning Center
ST. John Montessori School of Tanauan, Inc.
Tanauan Institute
The Child’s Light School
The Christian Herald Kiddie Tutorial & Learning Center
Tri-Jeb Infotech, Inc. ( STI College )
La Consolacion College
Mabini Junior (Talaga)
Mabini High (Balele)
Mabini High(Janopol)
Lord of Glory Christian School
Master’s Creators Learning Center
Our Lady of Assumption College Montessori
Christian School of Janopol


In addition, as of 2009 there are a total of fifty-six (56) day care services within the forth-eight (48) barangays of Tanauan. Graph 1.1 showed the increasing number of day care enrollees for the past three years.


Moreover, there is also an increasing Enrollment Participation Ratio (EPR) for pre-elementary education up to high school level as shown in the graph below.

Although there is a slight dip in the EPR for the year 2008, year 2009 showed an increase in EPR, the pre-elementary enrollment at 97%, while the primary up to the high school level have more than 100% enrollment. This could be attributed to the drop out rate, as will be shown in the succeeding table, wherein students who dropped out and enrolled in a succeeding school year will not be counted in the school-age population of that level. Significant data to be looked into is the 149% EPR for the high school level which could mean that high school students could belong to the 17 and above age-bracket. As a whole, the table reflects that only the pre-elementary education has the right school going age population level, while the rest of the student population in different levels either go to school late or was not able to enroll at once.

Notwithstanding the high enrollment participation ratio, it is worth mentioning that the City of Tanauan is having a good student-teacher ratio and student-classroom ratio as can be seen on the next table.

The Department of Education (DepEd) presented the standard teacher to student ratio at 1:50, the City of Tanauan has an average of at most 1:35 for the elementary level and 1:41 for the high school level, an improvement from the DepEd standard. In terms of classroom needs, for the elementary level, from 31 students in a class it was lowered to an average of 29 students per classroom. For the high school level from almost 49 students per classroom it was lowered to 45 students in a classroom. This could be due to the school buildings being constructed to augment the needs of the increasing number of student population.

Table 3 showed the drop-out rate of students for the last three (3) years. It is noteworthy that only a little number of percentage of the student population from 2007-2009 dropped out  of school with 2009 with the most number with .29% of 3 for every 1000 pupils. However, for the high school level there is a relatively high drop out rate with the year 2008 posing the highest rate at 5.13% or 51 for every 1000 students dropped out during the school year. These student will be a part of the out-of-school youth sector which are given technical skills by the City Social Welfare and Development Office. Some of the trainings being given are computer repair, cellphone repair, bartending, etc.

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